Deportee Dispatch from “Chaparral Camp,” Sentimientos and Photos

Below is a report "from the border as the conditions harden and become much more more dire, as more caravans…

“The Siege of the Autonomous Migrant Shelter in Tijuana”

The original article posted on It's Going Down on January 7, 2019 shares "a report from the Benito Juarez warehouse,…

“Money Moves: The Dec 20th Eviction of Benito Juárez”

On December 20, Mexican police evicted the self-organized camp outside of Benito Juarez, a sports park adjacent to the US-Mexico…

We Do Not Want to RETURN to Violence

We ask:

  1. For an end to the arbitrary, manipulative and involuntary deportations.
  2. For an acceleration of the process of applying for asylum in the U.S.
  3. For the formation of a commission by the incoming Mexican government to negotiate a permanent solution for those who wish to stay here. We suggest that Mrs. Nashieli Ramírez, Director of Mexico City’s Human Rights Commission and Mr. Arturo Peimbert, Ombudsman for the city of Oaxaca.
  4. For the names of those deported to be released publicly to civil society.
  5. For there to be Human Rights accompaniment at all times and during any detention to prevent the violation of migrant human rights.

Members of the Central American Exodus and Solidarity Human Rights Defenders Declare Hunger Strike

In search of dialogue and solutions to the humanitarian crisis created after the arrival of the Central American Exodus to Tijuana, a group of members of the Exodus together with solidary human rights defenders have declared a hunger strike outside of El Chaparral “PedWest” port of entry in Tijuana, B.C. on November 30, 2018.