ICE & Border Patrol Infrastructure

The militarization of the border is not just a matter of troops, walls, and camps along the Southern border of the US. The border cuts through communities across the US–anywhere there are deportations, ICE raids, detention centers, anywhere there are racist attacks on migrants and those who support them, anywhere there are private companies performing contract work to support ICE. It is easy to see ICE as a monolithic agency, requiring legislation to change. But ICE is nothing more than a collection of agents, offices, vehicles, and contractors. Every ICE field office is complicit; every employee of ICE is complicit; every large and small company performing janitorial services, network infrastructure, vehicle maintenance, surveillance equipment and so on is complicit in the racist border regime. The following is an incomplete list of private companies who have contracts with ICE. By now we should all know that the legislative sphere is a farce; real power lies in the logistical networks that perform specific functions. For those far from the border considering demonstrations in solidarity with the migrant caravan and opposition to the racist border regime, the following list might provide an interesting alternate to rallies in front of empty government buildings. In addition to the map of contractors and ICE offices below, here are some useful external links identifying other institutional support for ICE.

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Safariland, LLC

Safariland produces less-lethal weapons including tear gas, pepper spray, batons, and more for law enforcement and border patrol forces across the country. The teargas used on asylum seekers in Tijuana was supplied by Safariland. The owner, Warren B. Sanders, has recently come under fire for his support for the border regime and his place on the board of the Whitney Museum in NYC:

Safariland also has several offices and factories across the country; we have included some of them below so that others may continue to hold them accountable for their role in attacking asylum seekers.

ICE Office & Contractor Locations