late Middle English: from Latin commotio(n-),
from com- ‘altogether’ + motio-‘movement’

Through movement synchronized together against our enemies and for our common survival, we open possibilities we cannot achieve in isolation. The migrant caravans headed for the Mexico-U.S. border are a commotion: movement and confusion, solidarity, strength, and protection.

All around us, there are magnificent displays of large-scale, coordinated migration and survival. Schools of minnows forage for food and find it faster because they search together. A flock of starlings confuses and misleads predators. In motion together, each animal makes calculated adjustments that resonate around them, and yet there is no trace of the flock in the starling. Taken together, they are more than the sum of their parts.

This website aggregates information to inspire and assist rapid-response support for the caravans of asylum-seekers traveling from Central America. With commotion, we can fight the militarization of borders, tear down border walls and break the greedy regimes that props them up.

The politicians tell us that immigrants and refugees are the problem, but we know that the persecuted—the refugees—hold the possibility for the politics of the future. They are the future, the destiny of all humanity.

The path is clear, the steps are simple: 

  • Begin, or continue, your research with “The Caravan is Commotion.”
  • Link up with existing efforts on the border.
  • Print and distribute bilingual Know Your Rights materials and information about borders. Place posters and zines at your workplace, on campus, in libraries and local businesses.
  • Send material support in the form of medical supplies, food, clothing, shelter, pre-paid cell phones and other electronics, printed bilingual legal information, and monetary donations. Spread the word (get creative, be cunning!) and coordinate with others to support migrant defense groups, caravans, and groups organizing in and around Tijuana.
  • Know your enemies: find the companies and agencies profiting off of the racist border regime in your hometown, and hold them accountable. Disrupt business-as-usual.
  • Stay up to date with news from asylum seekers and solidarity efforts.

To submit content to Commotion — solidarity efforts, information on ICE contractors, material requests from the caravans, and more — email us at